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In fact, that’s an understatement. We REALLY love the local church. Even though we are primarily an evangelistic ministry, our deepest heart cry is to befriend, know, and work closely with the church. Pastors and churches who work with us know how much time we put into going deep rather than just wide. When we build a bridge for people to meet Jesus, our primary focus is fruit that remains. 

You can’t manufacture a heart for missions if you’re missing a heart for Jesus. The secret to living a life full of purpose, passion, and power is to be with Jesus. At World Harvest, we daily press into and ask ourselves, what is God’s heart for humanity? 

At World Harvest, we are not casual about eternal matters. If you say philanthropy is the love of humanity, we believe the gospel goes even deeper. Charles Spurgeon said the gospel has been the chief subject of God’s thoughts and acts from all of eternity. We make it a point to impact a people group on every level, but with the gospel always at the center of every work. 

Every step we take has an eternal impact for the person in front of us, so when opposition presents itself we pull on the urgency of heaven for each person to keep going. If we back off, that salvation moment might not happen in a person’s life.

Everyday we are building beyond ourselves. We want to live in such a way that those around us are being poured into, discipled, and commissioned. We want to live out the greater story together as a team and as a family creating a kingdom legacy for generations to come. 

We have a saying “just love the person in front of you, and see what happens”. 

While World Harvest is mission focused, we never want the project to become more important than the person both internally within our team and externally within whatever city or arena the Lord has us in. 

We do everything we can to manage kingdom connections, resources, and opportunities with an intense work ethic and honest communication. We are not perfect, and certainly fail in a lot of areas but we can say we strive to be authentic, real, and true in every situation. 

We often say, move fast and forgive faster. We move fast and we move with intense focus and make integrity and grace the fuel behind it all. Very often we remind our teams to be like Jesus. If someone is struggling, pick them up and throw them over your shoulder because one day you may need it in return. In the middle of being on mission we are very aware of our humanity and constant need for each other and the presence of God. We will never get past the humility of our humanity and the beauty of Jesus’s grace. 

We have another saying… “people are like hidden treasures.” If you’re willing to dig beneath the surface, listen intently, and make yourself available, you’ll be surprised what you will discover within someone’s heart. You’ll see faces change, old dreams that used to be there come alive again, and hearts become awakened as they themselves realize how precious they are to God. Their soul is more precious than treasure to Him, and always worth digging a little deeper to find.