A global missions movement set to reach every continent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Who We Are

World Harvest Global

World Harvest Global Inc. is an international Christian mission organization focused on fulfilling the Great Commission. We do this through large scale, city wide Gospel campaigns that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of people responding to Jesus Christ.

We are embarking on something important, historic, and thrilling – and you are seeing it right from the beginning. God is transforming the lives of people across the globe and entire city populations are encountering the Gospel through our events. Right now, the Holy Spirit has revealed a plan and infrastructure to take the gospel to every continent at large scale.

Our Mandate

The Great Commission

Every Continent

Our World Harvest icon was designed very specifically. It is wheat (counting 7) inside a globe representing every continent. This is a huge undertaking but we have a mandate to take the gospel to the Nations of the world and to anyone who will listen.

Into Every Nation

We don’t just go to make converts. We go to connect deeply with the church, ministry leaders, students, influencers and in many cases government officials. From the prisons to the palaces, we want everyone to know we truly care.

Every City

If you volunteer in one of our campaigns, you’ll quickly learn how the crusade stage becomes a catalyst for other needs a city may have. We highlight those needs, and do our best to assist in any way we can.

For Each Person

Each heart matters to God individually. This is not simply about numbers or large crowds. We believe that one changed heart can impact an entire city which as a result can change an entire Nation. We leave the 99 to go after the one and that will never change.


Cities Transformed

Right now we are building a global altar for people to encounter the living God. The door to worldwide evangelism has opened to us like never before and what we’re witnessing right before our very eyes is making a measurable difference. At this strategic moment in time, we are attempting something that we believe will ultimately emerge as one of the greatest harvests of souls in human history.

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What people are saying about World Harvest.

Chris Dew

“The World Harvest Gospel crusades are impacting hundreds of thousands of people. I love Jacob dearly and believe deeply in the work World Harvest is doing around the world.“ 


Felicia Brown

World Harvest flips the standard and takes it to another level. I truly believe they will experience a global harvest.